Talley Melton, Celebrating 50 Years

Talley Melton grew up in Houston with his brother, Palmer, and two sisters. Talley attended San Jacinto High School where he met Carolyn. They were 19 when they decided to get married, and she helped put him through college at the University of Houston.  

While attending the University of Houston, Talley worked part-time for an independent certified public accountant. He graduated from college in 1961 with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Accounting and went to work for Price Waterhouse & Co. Talley appreciated the experience he received from a large firm, but Talley’s father always told him as he was growing up, “I don’t care what you do, but you need to own your own business.”  Talley could never get his father’s advice out of his head, so in 1963 Talley barely let the ink dry on his Certified Public Accountant license before he took his father’s advice and opened his own firm. Palmer and their sister, Mill, were there to help him with everything. After two years Palmer joined full-time officially allowing the firm name to be Melton & Melton.

When Talley told Carolyn that he and Palmer were going into business together she had grave doubts about the venture. Despite Carolyn’s warnings, Talley continued with his desire to see Melton & Melton succeed. After 54 years of marriage, Carolyn happily admits how wrong she was about Talley and Palmer’s ability to work together to build a successful firm. Melton & Melton has become something they never thought it could be, and celebrating 50 years in business has made the journey worth it.

The Melton brothers stand behind Melton & Melton’s motto “Building Relationships That Count.” Talley appreciates the efforts of the partners, dependable professionals and their loyal clients, without whom none of this would be possible.

“The clients are the business. We’ve been through good times and hard times with our clients. We want to thank our clients for the 50 years of business they have given us,” said Talley.