Facts and Figures

Standard Mileage Rates—The IRS recently announced the standard mileage rates that taxpayers may use in 2012. The flat rate for business driving is 55.5 cents per business mile (the same as the rate for the last six months of 2011). The rate used for medical and moving expense deductions drops to 23 cents per mile (down from 23.5 cents per mile), while the rate for charitable-related travel remains at 14 cents per mile.

Phoning It In—How do your workers answer the telephone? Even in this electronic age, telephone etiquette can make a big difference in the public perception of your business. A few tips: Pick up the telephone before the fourth ring, clearly identify yourself, enunciate and try to stay positive, even in the face of a distressing situation. Reminder: If you receive voice messages, always return those calls promptly.