Website Updates: What and How Often?

Oftentimes, after the initial setup of a website, it can be tricky to figure out how often to update and what, specifically, should be updated. 

Here are some tips to help you decide: 

How often should I update my website? This question is rooted in the buzz over how best to boost your search engine ranking. It's true that a steady stream of new posts and content can attract links from other websites and boost your search engine optimization, but let's be honest: For many businesses, maybe even the majority of them, daily updates just don't make sense–especially if fewer than 50 people a month are visiting the site.

Won't a lack of updates hurt my company's online exposure? Not necessarily. But what you must do is list your business on the free search engine maps products and fill out your profile completely, so when customers do search for you online, they can find you.

What information do I absolutely need to have on my site? At a minimum, make sure your address, phone number and hours are prominently displayed.

What tactics produce the most benefit from search engines? Make a list of questions your customers might have or problems they may be trying to solve: issues that your business can address. From that list, you can create an editorial calendar. You don't need to update your site every day, but posts based on a question-driven calendar give you greater opportunities for visibility.

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