Employers: Employees Don’t Understand Benefits

Though employers spend a lot of money providing good benefits for their employees, many believe their employees actually have little knowledge of their benefit packages. According to a survey by Colonial Life & Accident Insurance, less than 19 percent of employers think employees have a very good understanding of their benefits. However, a new survey gives employers hope that they’ve found a solution to educating employees on their benefit plans. In an article for Benefits Pro, Kathryn Mayer discusses the advantages to one-on-one benefits counseling and why it is so important in today’s society.

According to the survey, of those who take part in individual benefits counseling, 96 percent say they better understand their benefits and 98 percent say having annual benefit counseling sessions are important. This proves it is crucial that employees understand their benefit plans so they are able to take full advantage of them. It doesn’t do a company any good to create a strong benefits package if employees don’t understand and appreciate what they’re being offered.

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