What the Classroom Didn’t Teach You about Entrepreneurship


Don’t let the title of this article fool you! While Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are famous examples of business leaders who left school to become successful, they are extreme exceptions to the rule. You’re still better off finishing things in the classroom, explains Larry Kim in an article on Medium, “7 Important Things about Entrepreneurship They Didn’t Teach You in School.”

In the article, Kim also discusses six other points that aren’t commonly covered in your business education including the rigorous reality involved in being a start-up. After reminding us that dropping out of school isn’t the gateway to a successful business, he goes through several points to remind us that starting your own business is more than just an idea – it’s hard work! Following is a preview of the topics covered in the article.

  • Self-motivation is vital to your new business’s success. Remember when starting out that “you will be wearing every hat under the sun.”
  • Entrepreneurship isn’t a fast ticket to wealth. In fact, some entrepreneurs never become rich.
  • Don’t allow yourself to procrastinate. Treat your new business like any other job, even if the dress code is lax.
  • It’s not easy to build the right support team when you’re ready to hire. As your business grows, so will your team, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll find the right people to join you. Choose wisely.
  • You might not succeed. Kim reminds us that 80% of businesses fail. Be prepared that yours might not, and have another plan, or idea, just in case.
  • When you do, the reward is great, even if it’s not monetary.

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur, have started and failed, or have started and succeeded, this article offers advice to remind all entrepreneurs to keep their eyes on moving the business forward.

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