Boost Your Productivity

Having the best attitude and strong skill set can’t make up for a lack in strong work habits.

Boost your overall productivity by implementing planning and organizational elements into your schedule.

Work habits can be developed and honed over time, and are comprised of the following components:

1.      The Plan

Everyone’s time is limited, and how you budget your time makes up your plan. You can plan your days ahead by allocating blocks of time devoted to one task, synergizing your efforts to increase your overall effectiveness.

2.      The Goals

Keeping track of tasks to accomplish every single day is an easy way to stay on track. Write down two or three items that must get done, checking them off as you complete them.

3.      The Start Intensity

Do you tackle your morning head-on, or just sort of let distraction seep into your schedule? By being aggressive in the start time of your day, you can start to realize significant improvements in your performance.

4.      The Execution

The energy of your execution, and the ability to do what it is you are supposed to do, should always be an increasing challenge for yourself. You can always make improvements, revitalizing your energy and keeping burnout and tiredness out of your schedule.

5.      The Hour-by-Hour Focus

Consider using an hour-by-hour focus to plan your schedule. Break up your day into hour long segments, focusing each on a specific item or task to work on.

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