5 Tips for Increasing Productivity at the Office

Forty hours a week sounds like it’d be enough time to get all your work done, but ask any small business employee and they’ll tell you differently. The constant interruptions and routine tasks can keep employees from being productive. In a small business it’s easy to ask questions, but it’s crucial that you set aside those hours of uninterrupted work time. Here are several daily tasks you can eliminate to help make your workday more productive:

Stop overloading your to-do list. Resist making impossible lists of daily tasks. Focusing on a manageable list of essential tasks will help you stay focused and less stressed out.

Stop having open-ended meetings. Make a list of your priorities before the meeting begins. Too many small business owners waste time talking about unnecessary items.

Stop answering repetitive questions. Instead of wasting time and answering repetitive questions, post a FAQ on your website or create instructional videos.

Stop eating lunch at your desk. They call it a lunch break for a reason. Take a break form your work and when you come back you will have a clearer mind.

Stop making piles. Instead of creating piles of documents, stick to a systematic filing system to keep you organized.

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